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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Colored Pencil Factory CD Review

I love introducing the kids to different sounds and musical styles.  So, in the search of new sounds I accepted the chance to check out Astrograss's newest CD!  Check out my thoughts on The Colored Pencil Factory!  
The Colored Pencil Factory CD is aimed at Pre-tweens lyrically.  It talks about a lot of different troubles and aspirations of today's kids using some cultural history to get idea's across.  It's Bluegrass sound reaches all ages.  I know my kids may not have grasped the lyrics, but they did appreciate the banjo and fiddle dancing around in each song. It has high energy which fits perfectly for an active 2 year old looking to dance quickly around expelling their endless supply of energy.  The crazy banjo speed in Playground caused a lot of spinning and head shaking in the kids who ended up on the floor laughing hysterically.  So, buy this for your tween who needs something other then the jumble of main-stream bad advice to help them through a confusing time of life and play it to exhaust your toddler so you can help your tween during the confusing time of life.  My favorite song is Continental Geography because I will be the first to admit I needed to pay more attention in Geography and this song makes it fun!
You can check out Astrograss for yourself at and grab their CD while you are there!  Tell me what topic is one you wish you could hear in a song for your kids?

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