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Monday, September 3, 2012

Seirra Vista EOP July 9 2012 Day 3

We arrived at the Seirra Vista EOP which is some man main reclaimed water ponds.  They have set up a viewing station for the ponds and other then the canopy at the viewing station there is no cover from the sun.  The ponds themselves are grown over with tall grass and cat-tails. From time to time things will fly up to go from pond to pond.  The first thing that flew up was this Bullock's Oriole.

He liked to hide in the backs of a few pine trees they have off to the side of the parking lot.
It was really hard to catch him but I stood for a long while in the sun to grab a few identifying shots.
Finally a good shot!
In the short grass behind the parking lot my hubby's hawk eyes caught sight of the Lark Sparrow.
Notice how well he blends in, I'm not sure how the husband was able to see this little guy!
A Western Kingbird decided to check us out while we were there.
We took off for our next destination.

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