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Friday, August 31, 2012

San Pedro House July 9 2012 Day 3

Day 3 started early again at 4:30am!  We headed out in search of the birds.  We had a full day ahead of us with a lot of potential birds to see!  We decided to stop first at San Pedro House.
  As we walked the open trail from the house to the foliage we spotted a Bendire's Thrasher in a loan bush.

Once in the foliage we caught site of our own Blue Grosbeak.
Perched high on a loan branch a Broad-tailed Hummingbird was hanging out watching our journey.
We next caught sight of a Common Yellow-throat. 
A Common-Ground Dove was walking the same trail we were.

We did some spelunking looking for what sounded like a Cuckoo and found a Cooper's Hawk.
He was keeping an eye on us as we walked around.
Near the feeders we noticed that not only the hummingbirds were taking time to enjoy the nectar!
On the path a Dung Beetle found a huge treat!
When you are birding, you get used to finding birds in trees, but this bird blended in so well that until he moved I didn't see him.  The Great Gray Heron hid well this early morning.
As we walked on the House Wren bounced around us.
The White-Breasted Nuthatch flitted about in the tall trees above us!
The White-winged Dove cooed at our journey.
Before we left the Yellow Warbler tweeted his goodbye!  And we gathered into our car and headed off to the next location.

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