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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Scotia Canyon July 11, 2012 Day 5

We packed up the car and headed out home.  Before we were to get home we had planned one last hike.  We drove through the base and over to Scotia Canyon.  After what seemed like forever we finally crossed where the stream would have crossed the road had it been there and the camping parking was immediately to our left.
We started off on the path and couldn't help but notice the beauty of the area.  We kept hearing the buzz of a hummingbird and a short way into our hike we saw this Black-Chinned in her nest.

She was very protective and kept a close eye on us, leaving the nest to be noisy and buzz us from time to time.

It never fails to amaze me how small and well hidden their nests are which leads me to wonder just how many I have walked by and never known.
We had to keep our eyes everywhere!  Some Cassin's Kingbirds were patrolling the tree tops.
Under foot we spotted animal tracks!
Pretty good sized animal tracks!
The ground here was pretty firm so the indentation was impressive.
Further up ahead where the ground was softer you could see the tack better including the claw marks.
We are pretty sure the tracks are for a good sized bear.
To the side of the trail we walked on we came upon a clearing right before a gate we had to open and close. Before crossing the gate we wandered into the clearing to find a 4 leaf clover!
We then realized that we were surrounded by 4 leaf clovers!  Talk about a lucky day, of course I was on a hike with my husband which makes for a pretty lucky day as it is!

In the trees around the clover patch Eastern Bluebirds flew around.
The females kept watch from the brush on the ground.
The female blends in really well.

The male watches his lady from the tops of the trees.
Always a protector he watches for trouble from his perch.
Including other males who would love to steal a mate for themselves.
We walked through the gate and a little way up spotted a Lark Sparrow in the trail.
He has some interesting stripping on his head.
As we continued on the trail he flew up to a tree to watch us past.

In the same trees we notice a very loud Mexican Jay.
Who had a friend in some neighboring trees.
The Northern Flicker showed us his long beak.
He turned his head to watch us better as we hiked along.
Having his fill of our photo's,
he flew away!
We hiked a little further before turning around and heading back to the car.
On the way back we spotted the Say's Phoebe.
Like many birds, he watched us as we watched him.
I sometimes wonder if they wish they had a camera to take a picture of us the way they stare back.
He puffed up showing us who is boss!
A last look and he flew off.  We finished the hike back to the car and started back on the road home.

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