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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lucifer House July 10, 2012 Day 4

After stopping for lunch in our room, we headed to Target to grab a few things and make sure we were in cell rang when the birding group called.  We weren't disappointed as they called with instructions on where to go.  We arrived shortly after them and were warmly accepted into their group.  The home was beautiful and that of a nature photographer whose yard wasn't only a bird paradise but hosts over 77 species of crickets!!!!
As we drove in to the neighborhood we were greeted by this Jack Rabbit!

I can't get over how huge he was or how long his ears and legs are, he looked like a small fox at a glance!

This was the sight over looking the house we pulled in to. I wasn't surprised to find out that this  had been burnt down in the fire the year before and re-built in this location.  The original location was just behind us and you can still see the remains of where this amazing statue and cross once stood.
While we waited for the Lucifer to show up we talked with our fellow birders.  Many were retiree's with a few like my husband and I, well call us weekend warriors, who have full time jobs but can't resist an occasional trip to find the feather.  I was afraid to walk in the backyard as it was done so nicely and as we all ventured out a Scott's Oriole flew out from his neighbors tree!  I was excited over the sighting, but sad I didn't get a shot!

We stayed a while, but never did see the Lucifer.  We then were asked if we wanted to go to the spot to see a Montezuma Quail with the group and we excitedly joined the caravan only to drive 2 feet before everyone poured out of their vehicles with the Montezuma Quail right out front of the house we just left!!!!

This was such a cool sighting!  I love quails, they are such cool looking birds who choose to run about when they are perfectly capable of flying.  Plus, they just look cool!  My husband was especially exciting as this was a bird he had been looking for, for quite some time!

We parted ways with our birder friends grateful at their kindness in sharing their experience with us as they headed to Beatty's where we had been that morning already.  We decided to drive over to Carr Canyon to see what it had to offer.

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