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Monday, September 17, 2012

July 10, 2012 Sierra Vista EOP Day 4

From the San Pedro House we headed to Sierra Vista EOP.  We were hoping for more activity here and wanted a photo of the Yellow-Headed Black Bird.  We sat for a while and saw some Yellow-Headed Black Birds, but they didn't cooperate for a photo.
More waiting at the covered area and we saw the Oriole's from the day before fly up once and a while.  We also caught sight of a Common Yellow-Throat who was watching us from the tall grass and reeds.

While the Yellow-Headed Blackbird didn't pose this little guy did!
After a while, we rested back on one of the picnic tables as it was getting hot!
We started to leave when a large group of birders showed up.  It was a birding tour lead by Kurt.  We advised them of our sightings so far on the trip and they invited us to the only Lucifer Sighting spot of the year.  It was at a private residence and they had received permission to go have a look.  We were excited and happily exchanged information.  We decided to head to the room for some lunch before meeting back up with the group.

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