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Friday, September 7, 2012

Beatty's House July 9 2012 Day 3

We ate at the Texas Grill and enjoyed a big meal and great company.  We headed up to Beatty's House after dinner expecting a short walk and then to sit in the bleachers we had read about while watching the feeders.  And had we received more detailed instructions that's what would have happened.  Instead, this is what happened....
We got to where it said trail parting and the hubby said, we park here and walk up to the trail. So, we walked and walked and walked.  Just around this bend he said, but each bend lead to more road.  After a while my stomach started cramping and I got nauseous.  We must have walked for 45 min or more from the bottom of the bottom of the mountain to the top where the other hiking trail parking lot was which is just around the corner from Beatty's House.  I would like to say the long walk and getting sick to my stomach was worth it.

It was we saw a Blue-Throat-ed Hummingbird.
The female was there as well!
I love the sheen his colors give off.
He was larger then I realized.
Seeing him up close, he seemed to be the size of the Magnificent Hummingbird.
A Broad-billed made an appearance at the feeders.

He seemed to be a juvenile.

Notice his colors are just starting to appear.
We caught site of a White-eared hummingbird, but this adult broad-billed chased him off.

Lucky for us he came back!

We soon realized that this little guy was a boss!

He would chase larger Hummingbirds away and yell at them without thought to his miniature size.

The whole time he was bossing everyone else around he kept his eye on us.

Look at that white line!

Excited to even get a glimpse of the White-eared we headed back down the mountain to this beautiful sunset.
The White-eared continued his quest to guard all the nectar as we left the feeders.

A Guinea Fowl noisily said goodbye.

The evening bid us farewell with this beautiful sunset display.

We reached the car just after the sun had fallen.

As we drove up the road to where we were staying, my husband abruptly stopped the car.  A fluffy Black Bear was right in the road.  I rolled down the window and stuck my head and the camera out to get a shot of him, my hubby suddenly hit the gas to get me a better shot and I smacked my head on the window frame and missed my shot.  This is where he disappeared into the woods.

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