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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Puppet Masters!

Yesterday, we made a Puppet Theater, so what about the puppets?  You can make puppets out of anything.  In the past I made some out of socks you can check out HERE, but here are a few more idea's!  Kids can pretend with almost anything and they can really pretend with things they make themselves.
Handman Puppets:
Random Scraps
Hot Glue Gun

Start by drawing an outline of the kids hands on the felt.  Fold the felt in half and cut out in the shape of two hands giving an extra inch around for gluing.  Now, glue at just the edges leaving the bottom of the wrist area unglued.

Leave it to dry.

Next, have the kids decorate to their preference, they can add faces, clothes built our of paper or scraps, whatever they can imagine they can make come to life.

Toilet Roll Pal:
Toilet rolls empty
Craft Scraps
Hot Glue

Start by having them decorate the felt.  Next, using the toilet rolls, measure how long the felt should be leaving space at the top to draw a face if desired.  Cut the felt at desired length then using the hot glue wrap it around the toilet paper roll.  Allow to dry and then let your kids explore their imaginations. Write down their stories and characters in your kid's journal.  Sometimes their stories tell you more of what they are thinking then they can say with the words they use.

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  1. Fun idea. I look forward to a puppet show during my next visit.


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