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Friday, June 8, 2012

Travel makes the summer last longer!

This post brought to you by PA Tourism. All opinions are 100% mine.
visitPA-Roadtrip_box_720px.jpgIn Arizona the summer heat is enough to make us all crazy not to mention little kids!  That is why we mom's have to get creative or get planning on a summer vacation!  When trying to decide where to go on vacation I say we take a tip from our feathered friends only in reverse, instead of heading South to avoid the cold...I say head North to escape the heat!
 First thing we need to do when planning our summer roadtrips is to mark our route including the sight seeing stops we want to make!
We shouldn't stop here we need to have an idea on where we will eat, sleep, visit, use the restroom, and how much time that all takes.  If you are taking a pa-roadtrips, which is fairly North and East of Arizona, you can still have some heat, but still have a great break from the oven down here.  They have a great tool that offers all the different types of things you may want to do, see, or experience on your vacation.  The different trips are already planned out when you click on them.  They show your how many days are included in the trip, where you should go and what you should see each day, maps, plus recommendations on where to sleep and eat!  Talk about making a mom's life easy!
Might I recommend checking out the Kidsylvania trip!  It looks awesome, it has touchable museums, parks, zoos, historical tours the kids will enjoy, Fairmount Water Works, and an amazing arboretum all geared toward the kids, but something the parents will enjoy too!  The arboretum especially has me interest since it says you can look at a giant birds nest from above, being a birder it has my vote!  I think the entire family, hubby and all would love a trip like this!  The eating recommendation is kid perfect and recommended accommodations seem perfect for the family on the go!  Talk about an easy way to plan a trip, just pack and make those reservations the research has already been done!
Everywhere should have something like this don't you think!  If you were planning a trip with the Roadtrip-a-Matic where would you go?  
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