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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Loopeez Review

I have a kid who is getting ready for Kindergarten and needs to learn to tie his shoes.  So, I accepted the request for a review on Loopeez.  Most of us don't think of the skills outside of the ABC's when we prepare our kids for Kindergarten but kids need to learn to tie shoes among other things in order to make the transition smooth and avoid potential ridicule.  So, here is my review of Loopeez.

Loopeez is easy to put on any kids tie shoe.  Best part is it will be put on by the kid.  First, you have them cross tie the shoe.  Next, you have them pull the laces through so their are two loops.  This gives them a stable base for the actual tying.  Have them cross the loops like they crossed the laces.  All of a sudden you have a child who is able to tie their shoes.
The 5 year old I'm working with loved this as it was easier and less confusing then when they were trying to do it without the loopeez dividing the knots and stabilizing the tie area.  Now, when he is able to do this without trouble we can move to a more advanced knot or just removing the Loopeez divider.  For now, the divider is in place and he has a much easier task of getting this skill mastered as he heads toward the next learning stage of life.

I give this a double knot approval for the great ease it put on a task that can be troubled for many children.  You can order your own Loopeez by visiting there site: 

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