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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Juppy Guest Review and Giveaway

I have won a Juppy, am giving one away in the B's of Baby Giveaway, and have reviewed it.  I just love this and have found a new use for it, I use it on hikes to help my 1 year old learn to walk the rough steep terrain!  I'm glad to offer you another chance at one with my blog friends Review and Giveaway!  Check out what she has to say of the product and then enter to win here and with the B's of Baby Giveaway!

Building Carpenters Review: As the mom of 3, I have gone through the learning to walk phase many times. It is both exciting and back breaking. All that leanin over to hold onto babies hands. But more importantly, baby learns to depend on those hands for support, which can actually slow the process down, not to mention that when they fall you can do some damage to those tiny shoulders. I have always been an advocate of NOT walking around with babies hands above their hands With baby girl 8 months old, we are embarking on that journey once again. Honestly, I think a child's first steps are probably one of the most exciting times for a parent. It marks the point where the child moves from Baby to "independent" Toddler. But it can be heck on your back. The Juppy is designed to help ease that transition. It is a sturdy Canvas and Cotton harness (for lack of a better term) that allows the parent to support baby securely and still stand straight and comfortably. In turn it gives baby the confidence to try to move their little feet one in front of the other, which is such and important skill to learn! It allows this psuedo-independence without the dangers associated with wheeled walkers and other "Walking" toys. You can get the Juppy in Pink, Blue or Black. You can also have the Juppy monogrammed with your little one's name. Find Juppy on the Web: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and The Juppy Blog
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  1. The Juppy is now available to purchase and ships from Canada! & on

  2. I would get the black, because I dont know what I'm having yet.


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