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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Big Fish Games Guest Review and Giveaway

Mommy Moments with Abby loves learning tools and kids love games.  I know that as parents my readers love things that combine both and was happy to get a chance to share a Guest review and the chance to win an awesome game and learning tool!  Check out what Powered by Mom had to say and then enter to win!!!!

Powered by Mom Blog brings you Big Fish Games!

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Adults and kids alike love the video/computer games. I know because both my 10 year old daughter and my husband are gamers. They'd be on all the time if they were allowed. They were both extremely happy to find Big Fish Games because not only was there something for both of them but the games have great graphics and are so inexpensive. Seriously inexpensive there are games $2.99 and they constantly have sales happening where all games on certain days can be on sale. In fact as I write this post all the games today were on sale for $2.99! Wow!! Read on to find out more about what I have to say about Big Fish Games and of course enter the giveaway!

Picture of the Game Kindergarten

Powered by Mom's Review

I do love to play some computer or video games and have my favorites of course but compared to my husband and my daughter I'm definitely not the gamer in the family. I do like as mentioned that there are so many games to choose from for all ages. There is a newat looking one that we could play as a family called Match 3 games online. I'm intrigued and may be checking out. Paul and Sian both found games that they liked at Big Fish games but for the review I let my daughter Sian choose the game as she would be the one to play it. She chose the game Kindergarten. It looks quite cute and Sian has played it for a week now and loves it. Even though it's called Kindergarten you're running your own daycare center. I pointed this out to Sian who kind of rolled her eyes and me and said it doesn't matter mom it's about taking care of the kids. Okay then what do I know. Sian said that she likes that she can upgrade the rooms and the more she plays and higher levels she gets she can also hire employees to help her out with the babies. This to her was a big plus which I thought was so funny. She is quite involved in it (that is when we let her on the computer and computer time is earned via chores and doing homework:)) and also likes that she can buy new stuff for the daycare such as cribs and toys and so much more. I admit I've just watched her play and I haven't played it msyelf, my main concern was to ensure it was age appropriate and just good clean fun which it was. It has captured Sian's interest which is not easy to do as she has access to a Wii and Playstation 3 and is very used to the high tech graphics of games today.
Another picture of what the game Kindergarten entails
Sian definitely gives it a two thumbs up and from a parent's point of view for content and pricing of the game I give it my two thumbs up as well! Now for the giveaway Big Fish Games is going to provide 3 game codes to 3 lucky winners! The games canbe downloaded onto Mac or PC Games but not iPads or iPhones. We're also keeping it simple for the entries. Facebook and Twitter only with a chance to leave a comment for another entry.
Now go and enter the giveaway!
I was compensated for this review/giveaway but as always I only provide my honest opinion and only recommend products I feel are good for my readers.
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