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Monday, April 2, 2012

Tied up Tool!

How do you teach your kid to tie their shoes?  This can be tricky, it is easy for them to get frustrated and discouraged when tying their own shoes.  So, we moms have to get creative.  We have to make it into something they created and then a sort of game!  Kids love creating things and exploring that side of their brains.  That makes these special “shoes” even more ideal for learning this skill!

You need:
The long side of a box of diapers
Foam sheets
Decorator items
Hot glue gun
Contact Paper

Take a diaper box and open it up.

Cut off one of the rectangle flaps that is normally on the bottom of the box.

Start by cutting the long side of a diaper box into a rectangle with one side having the corners rounded.  

Now along the side with the rounded corners poke holes.  

Now, take your foam sheets and cover the cardboard using hot glue making sure to cover one side where the holes are poked and poke holes through.  When you cover the other side you’ll now be able to poke the holes through easily.  Now, the fun part!

Have the kids take the decorator items and go to town!  Ask them to design their own shoe!  How cool will their shoe be, will it have jewels, animals, ribbons, stickers, or words?  Now, cover the entire thing in contact paper for easier handling and to keep the design intact during use.  Poke the holes through the contact paper and thread your laces through! 

Now, show the kids how to tie the shoe.  You can use the two bunny ears method or the bunny down the rabbit hole and pull method.  Whichever works for you and your kids.  Next, ask them to try to race!  If there is just one kid ask them to be one side and you’re the other side and try to work together to get the shoe tied.  Have them role play and teach each other.  

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  1. Wow! I wish I could be as crafty as you...and I'm an elementary school teacher! ;-)


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