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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Brainy Bird Feeders

It is the season for birds in many areas’ as spring begins to spring.  Migration for some begins, hatchlings begin to be heard from nests, and more dormant birds come out from their winter homes in search of summer homes.  If you like to watch birds but don’t have the money to invest in the fancy feeders and baths then why not recycle some of your everyday product containers and make some of your own.   For this I decided to use part of the many milk jugs we end up with from running a daycare. 

You need:

3 milk jugs
String or fishing line
An orange or other citris  fruit
Hammer and nail

Start by poking a hole at the nicely indented line near the bottom of the milk jug with the zacto-knife.  Next using the scissors cut the bottom off of the milk jug.

Now, near the top on each of the four corners poke a hole using the zacto-knife.  Go outside and find where you want to hang your feeders and bird bath and put in the nails using a hammer.  Take the string or fishing line with you and measure the length so it hangs far enough down for the birds to get at the feeders remembering to add a little for tying it together.  Now, cut four lengths’ of string or fishing line at this length and thread one threw each hole making sure to secure it at the bottom and then tie all for together at the top so the bottom of the jug hangs and is flat.

 Now, pour seed in one, slice your citrus and put it in the other, and add a little water to the last one.  Hang your feeders and bird bath remembering to wash out and refill regularly.  

It may take a few weeks for the birds to find it and establish a pattern of visitation, but this is a cheap way to help create a bird friendly environment.  Set up a chair and a cup of Joe in the morning and great the day with your feathered friends!  Comment any cool sightings or pictures of cool sightings you get!  

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