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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nursery Paint that grows with you!

I was trying to decide how to paint my son's room.  I wanted it to be boy coloring, but didn't want it to be too directional in any one way.  I don't know yet what sport he will play, if he will be into animals, or if he will be a techi-kid.  In the end I settled on a pretty boring color and decided on an accent wall.  I wanted it to be more though since I was choosing such a traditional color.  I got my idea from some of the houses we had looked at when we were house hunting.  Shadow stripping would be my accent walls best friend!  It works in a kids room and looks great in a study, perfect for a growing child!  I think it turned out pretty good!

Here is what I did:

I choose my paint color and got it in a matte and an enamel.  You can get a full or semi-gloss depending on how presented you want your lines.  I picked a full gloss for the effect I was looking for.

First, I taped off the wall. I took the time to make sure that I had the tape without bubbles on the paint.

Second, I took a ruler that I marked with tape the width I wanted for the strips and then I started at the middle of the room so the strips would be centered and the room wouldn't look off.  Starting at one side of the room or other can end up making a room look slanted or off.  I went ever six inches to make sure the line would be straight and taped after measuring.

Now, once you tape one line measure it against the line next to it every few inches to make sure it's straight against the other line.

Now, either paint an X on your middle line and then skip a section to either side.

Now, paint your lines!  Wait a full 24 hours of more to take down your tape.  Now, with a steady hand paint any edges that need it.

Wait another 24 hours for that to dry and then push the furniture back up on it and hang your photo's!

I love that this ended up easier than I expected, time consuming, but easy.

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