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Saturday, April 28, 2012

A few birds and a need for accountability

We usually try to get out to the riparian area this time of year if we don't go on a hike somewhere or have an event to review on the weekends.  We made it out to the riparian area and somehow our trip to find the migrating birds ended up as a reminder that not everyone should have a pet.

We started with a few good bird sightings and a duck obsessed toddler.

This clean obsessed hummingbird was a fun one!  

Then my daughter noted the fish in a small stream!

The flowers this time offer a great bouquet of color for the eye!

A few more bird sightings.......

Then we ran into a stray dog, who seemed friendly but wouldn't stop sniffing and following us.  No address on it.  It just wouldn't go away, but was well fed.  I don't understand why you would allow your pet out without a name and address on them?  We ended up having to leave early because we have 3 dogs of our own and two young ones and a dog with an unknown origin.  I made sure to ask a few people to tell a ranger or park official if they saw them of the stray as they went by us on the trail since our hands were full and we couldn't really take hold of the dog safely with out crew.  Usually we like to help animals out, calling control or other places for strays injured animals and rescues when shelters tell us they are full.  I've had puppies, kittens, and dogs in my old travel kennel to keep everyone safe until they can be picked up or delivered to a rescue.  It broke our heart that this well fed dog was allowed to be without a collar and sadly not something uncommon.  I think that people should be accountable for the animals they choose to keep and if they don't take precautions then they should have to pay for the consequences of that action.  Why would anyone want to own an animal they would be OK with loosing?

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