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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I thought picking a paint color was hard!

Renu<sup>®</sup> > Brands > Solutions from Leviton Web SiteRecently I found a few minutes where I could actually decorate my daughters room.  I had all her nursery stuff, but needed to decided how to decorate the walls and where to hang it all.  When they are babies so they tend to not notice if something is up and when you run a daycare by the end of the day you just want to crash.  The time came however for me to start looking at the walls.  The hubby approved a paint budget and off I went.

Back I came overwhelmed with those sample cards and having less idea then when I started the direction I wanted to go.  I taped the cards up and then after staring for days at them, went online.  I looked for ideas and luckily got a few.  I sent my parents to the home store for the paint I would need and explained my plan.  I only changed my mind once on the starting color, which I was very proud off!  The paint was on and dried and the tape down.  The pictures where hung and then I saw what I had over looked!  Are you kidding me! I didn't realize just how much those darn switches and covers would stick out in white against my decorated wall!
Renu<sup>®</sup> > Brands > Solutions from Leviton Web Site
So, now I have to get new covers and switches and what happens if the kids want a different color in their room or we move and I have to paint it back to white?  Awesome, shelling out more money for the little details.  Lucky for me, I found Renu.  They are awesome, you just snap on and off the coverings to switch the covers instead of getting out the tools and such!  Talk about a life saver!
Leviton Image.pngThey had everything I needed in my little conundrum I created: switcheswall plates, and dimmers!  Now, I can paint without worry and if the kids want a new color, with 20 color choices I won't have to worry about trying to paint or screw in a new cover any longer!    Thank goodness because that really put a kink in my decorating!
Now, I just need one for my sons room where I'm currently hiding the switches with his crib (bad Mommy I know) and I'll be set!
The bonus in finding this company is that Leviton and Renu is hosting 3 twitter parties where they are giving away some Home Depot Cards and I know we can all use that! Just follow @ Leviton and #Renu on twitter for their events on April 18th at 9pm EST, April 26th 9pm EST, and May 2 9pm EST.  Don't forget to like Leviton on Facebook.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Leviton for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

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