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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Helping others become Mothers

I love being a mom, even if their are times when it is stressful and I need a break, at the end of the day I would never feel whole again if I didn't have my little one's running about!  Because of this and others in my life who have felt the struggles of wanting to be a mom I like to help other bloggers promote their giveaways for conceiving tools and talk about infertility.  Infertility can mean so many different things and some of them can be helped with help from others like you or me.  One way we can help is by donating eggs!

According to many of the woman who need egg donors are woman who are completely healthy except their bodies either don't produce eggs or the eggs they produce aren't viable.  These woman can still carry to term and have a baby if they only had a healthy egg!  Many programs have age cut offs due to the pregnancy risks on both mom and baby later in life, but for those woman under 50 who can carry to term they are only lacking your help.  I think this is great for woman who are done having babies, but still have healthy eggs.  Why not share the gift of motherhood with someone who truly desires it?

So, how do you become an egg donor? Start by making sure you are healthy, did anything come up when you were screened for your pregnancies?  If you haven't been pregnant expect to be asked to be screened for any hereditary diseases.  Many times your egg will be placed with the couples sperm or if needed a donor sperm so your history will need to be known.  Now remember you will be going through a procedure to remove the eggs so make sure you are ready for a doctor/clinic visit.  Also, ask yourself if you want to be available for contact and make sure you make your wishes known.  Many places do not offer the option and require you stay anonymous other than your health screening, so make sure you know what the policy is of the organization you work with.  Expect a call back if your egg is chosen and a successful pregnancy occurs.  You will not be told this is the reason, but often that is the case when you get a call back.  You can receive financial payment around 6,000 for your first donation, but this is to offset the costs you take on in the process and to offer incentive's to people to help out.  You can arrange donation for no payment with a friend or family member if your blood types and health results indicate it is possible, so discuss this with their doctor first before asking your insurance if your covered for those doctor visit.

So, if you are healthy and done having babies and want to give the gift of life to someone else think about donating your eggs!

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