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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

St. Patrick’s Day Fun for the Entire Family by Megan Gates

Fun ideas for children on St. Patrick’s Day can included making crafts, playing games, and even having a St. Patrick’s Day themed party. Some crafts a child can make on St. Patrick’s Day can include making a leprechaun hat. It can be made with items such as green construction paper, felt, glitter, and tape. They can also make a St. Patrick’s Day flag and decorate it with rainbows, a pot of gold, and shamrocks. They can incorporate phrases such as Happy St. Patrick’s Day or Luck of the Irish.

For a St. Patrick’s Day themed party a person can choose to decorate with green streamers, green balloons, rainbows, and paper shamrocks. Let the kids help in decorating and making the food. It will give them a feeling that they played a significant part in organizing the party. The children and guests can dress in green outfits or in leprechaun costumes. They can wear leprechaun hats, fake beards, shamrock pins, green bow ties, and kiss me I'm Irish t-shirts. Snacks and treats that a person can use for the St. Patrick’s party can include gold covered chocolate coins, green cupcakes, green shamrock shaped cookies, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and even Lucky Charms cereal in a bowl for kids to munch on. Foods that can be served at the party can include green fruits and vegetables such as pickles, green apples, green grapes, celery, and leafy green salads.

Some fun games that can be played at the party include a treasure hunt in which children can search for the pot of gold. They can be given clues in where to search. The pot of gold can include items such as shamrock stickers, a green shamrock teddy bear, and green necklace beads. Irish Hot Potato is also a fun game to play. The children can stand or sit in a circle and pass the hot potato to each person on the right while Celtic or Irish music is played. When the music stops the person holding the potato has to leave the group until only one remains. Winners of each game can receive St. Patrick’s Day party favors such as a St. Patrick’s Day light up ring, green glow bracelets, and stamps.

A St. Patrick’s Day quiz is also fun and informational for kids. They can have fun while learning about the history of St. Patrick’s Day and why it is celebrated.

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