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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jordan Dene Interview

I recently received the most adorable kids apron to review and was lucky enough to get to do an interview with the creator and shop owner, Jordan Dene!  She is very inspired in creating fun and useful crafts for all ages!  Find out about her!

Here are the answers to the interview questions:

When did you start your store? 
I started my store in the spring of this year.

Tell us a little about yourself? 
I'm 23 and live in Brooklyn, New York with my husband who runs his own graphic design company (GrandArmy). I graduated with an elementary education degree in 2010 and volunteer in after school programs in NYC. My grandmom started me crafting and sewing when I was little, and I can't stop!

Describe the feeling your store gives and what you put in it?
My store is meant for people who are playful and maybe a little geeky at heart. It's full of character aprons based on cartoon characters, fairy tales, and anything else that inspires me.

What inspires you? 
I'm the most inspired by the people I spend time with. More than half of my ideas have come from my friends or nieces telling me about things they would like for themselves. My husband also comes up with a lot of my best ideas and designs - everything else is just from random inspiration in my daily life. 

How does your creative process work from idea to finished product? 
Once I have an idea, I draw it out (or get my husband to if it's tricky) and decide the colors of fabric and thread used. I make each pattern piece out of card stock and lay out all of the fabric when it's cut. If everything looks okay, I start piecing the apron together and make any necessary changes along the way. My favorite step is photographing the finished product. I love getting my nieces, siblings, and friends to model for me in different locations around my neighborhood and the city. 

What is the favorite thing you have right now in your store? I love the new little birdie aprons I've added - I have an owl and a duckie right now and am working on a few more!

What is your best seller? 
Strangely enough, my Tardis (from Doctor Who) apron is my best seller. I sell way more adult aprons than children aprons, but I am working hard to change that!

What do you do besides run a fabulous store?(hobbies, other jobs, ect…)
I have spent the past two years nannying part-time for two kids in Manhattan, but I have recently stopped that to have more time for my Etsy shop! I also love photography and have been spending a lot of time experimenting with cooking and baking. When I move out of an apartment into a home with a backyard I will definitely be gardening!

How many aprons do you own? Right now I own two that I've made for myself: a Batman and a Captain Jack Sparrow. Before that, I'd never used any!

What are your plans for the future regarding your amazing creations?
I am newly unemployed so I can finally have the time I want to really invest in my shop. Once I can build up my stock, I'd love to approach some local stores about being featured and plan to sell at a lot of local markets and fairs next spring and summer.

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