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Friday, March 30, 2012

Not every day batman gets pulled over!

NANA-NANA-NANA-NANA-BATMAN! This is awesome!  So, the batmobile was pulled over in Maryland with batman inside!  My husband send me this, being from Maryland and in an area him and I actually have been to, it hit close to his batty heart.  Batman endures the collection of officers, some snickering, and polite-fully playful jokes as he waits for the verdict of his registration being ran.  He was pulled over for no tags(bat-signal logo placed instead).  I didn't realize that Batman owned a building cleaning business on the side of running Wayne Enterprises.  I love how polite and understanding batman is and that the cops let him go do his good deeds!  There really isn't more to say but check out this video!

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