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Friday, March 30, 2012

Let's Celebrate a new Bloggers Milestone!

My newest bloggy friend has hit a milestone of 1,000 Facebook Fans!  We all remember the joy of hitting that number when we get started and what a better reason to celebrate than that!  So, those of you still looking to hit your first 1,000 FB Fans and those who have passed that milestone, let's all join in and help one of our own bloggers give back to the fans with a giveaway!

Last day to join in to participate in this event is going to be 4/12/12, so make sure you sign up now.  The  contest will begin 4/14/12 and end 4/21/12.  Signing up is cheap and easy!  

Best part is helping another blogger out and getting some new blog friends in the process. It is only $2 for Facebook likes only, OR $3 if you want to have Facebook Likes, and Twitter followers. Plus placement of the sign up button on your blog! 

Did I forget to mention there is a blogger incentive? A $10.00 Gift Card goes to the blogger with the most referrals!  

The prize will be winner's choice and we all know these are some of the favorite prizes for our readers: Pay Pal Cash, CVS Gift card, or Wal-Mart Gift card! The amount will depend on how many sign up! Get your spots in now, there are already 7 signed up!

Thank you so much for being a blog friend of mine and for working as a community to help celebrate each other successes and, at the same time, give back to our awesome readers! So click on the button below and get signed up for this awesome event!


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