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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I love new clothes!

Check out my new shirt!!!!!I am totally stoked!  I love getting packages in the mail.  Especially when it is something special for me!  I got what I ordered from Novica and couldn’t wait to open it up. 

Inside the package was this adorable little bag that had with it a card.  The card had a thank you from the artisan who made my shirt with both their phonetic language pronunciation and the English so I could understand the message.  I love little perks like the bag and special note. 

I pulled out the shirt and it was just as pictured.  Now, I always worry about size because I’m not used to ordering smaller sizes and have not yet done it enough to understand when I should order the small and when I should go with the medium.  My mind still is on the x-large to large conversion.  I went ahead and ordered the small this time.

The shirt is made from rayon and very stretchy.  It has a wave look to the hemlines and is a simple tank top cut for the top with the bottom having the V-shape making it an interesting design for a tunic.  I put it on and it fit!  I love it.  It looks adorable and it moves with me when I’m working with the kids, plus looks good with some yoga Capri’s or jeans for a date with the hubby!  I’m very pleased with this shirt!  If you want to see my review on the shopping experience click here if you want to become a NovicaRepresentative see more on our Opportunities Page.  

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