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Monday, February 13, 2012

Novica's New Home Party Opportunity!

NOVICA LIVE from Novica United on Vimeo.
If you like this site and are tired of the usual Scentsy, Mary Kay, and other home party businesses out their then sign up for Novica's newest opportunity!  


The starter kits are only $199 and have over $400 worth of samples and $150 in business materials.  I'm excited to share this new Home Party Consultant opportunity with you. This opportunity is to helping you earn extra income and benefit artisans worldwide. Together, you can look forward to growing this exciting new gifts and jewelry home party division in the years to come!  Each party, the Consultant brings a DVD with fun 1-minute artisan and regional segments that can be screened throughout the party, giving party goers the ultimate virtual travel experience. As they visit each country, they can watch artisans at work on the very same products they hold in their hands.  Let you're party goers feel good about what they buy as they socialize in the comfort of the homes of friends and family because they know they are helping to support a hard working artisan from all over the world and getting amazing stuff!  When you sign up make sure to say you heard about Novica Live through a blog and put in!  This way I can continue to work with them in the future to offer you more giveaways and grow their business!  

Start now and earn ground-floor rewards such as our trip to Bali.As a consultant, all your hard work doesn't go unnoticed. You can earn trips abroad to NOVICA's world regions, and FREE handcrafted jewelry & gifts! Come with Novica to the magical island of Bali in September 2012! You'll meet the same artisans who create the beautiful treasures you showcase in your parties! This exciting cultural odyssey is offered to all Consultants who are promoted to the title of DIRECTOR between July 1st 2011, and April 31st 2012, so get involved now to earn the title DIRECTOR.  One of your travelling companions on this trip-of-a-lifetime will be NOVICA co-founder Armenia Nercessian, who was featured as a real life character in Elizabeth Gilbert's bestseller "Eat, Pray, Love."
This trip-of-a-lifetime will include:Balinese Dancer
  • Flights and accommodation
  • A tour of artisan workshops
  • Meet the artisans themselves
  • Shopping tour of magical Ubud
  • A conference with Novica Founders
  • Sightseeing - "Eat, Pray, Love" style!
Go sign up today and earn an extra income that you can feel good about!

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