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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The hairy side of grants and tax deductions!

Sometimes I worry about our country and what we spend money on.  There are grants for so many different things and in some cases duplicate ways to get money that if you have the time, ability to read the legal gargine, and the savy to know where to look you can get money to do pretty much anything.  About 5 years ago, while living in New York, I was taking a course on finance and law aimed at understanding grants and funding as I was going for my degree in Health Service Administration.  I was shocked while doing research for a paper to find out that their was a committee which had been formed around the time of the Boston Tea Party whose job it was to test and approve tea's that came into the US. The members met once a year to test and approve teas and were appointed by members of other committees.  Basically for hundreds of years we paid people to appoint their friends to drink tea once a year and get a paycheck.  It has since been disbanded, but that hasn't stopped our drive for pointless grants.  My newest shock and awe random money grab is the Stache Act!

The Stache Act is being put on by a group that I honest believe is doing great work.  They work to support Prostate Cancer Research along with getting water to the homeless who are in area's where they wouldn't be able to get clean water.  They are a group based on having mustache's, but work to help others while growing their facial hair and holding contests for the craziest stache!  I'm all for that, I get to help important causes in supporting them, plus the laugh of the seriously involved stache's these guys grow.

Here is my issue, the Stache Act which is asking for a $250 income tax deduction for, you guessed it, stache care!  OK, huh?  Does this mean I should be petitioning for a hair dye, leg wax, make-up renewal, hair cut and style, curling iron, flat iron, and bobby pin deduction?  Aparently, I should be since these guys manage to have the backing of H and R Block, plus until recently a Maryland Congressman had passed the proposal along backing the Act.  Check out this Fox News clip about it and if you can explain how "karate lessons and dynamite" are essential to 'stache maintenance I beg you to comment the reasoning below.

While, I still support the American Mustache Institute and the causes they work at helping I will not be backing the Stache act.  At least not before I get the mommy act passed supporting my yearly month long vacation to a far off resort and spa for being a mommy.  What do you guys think of this or is it just to hairy of a subject for you?

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