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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Charlie Brown Apron by Jordan Dene Review

I love crafting and cooking with the kids.  Recently, I have become obsessed with aprons and would love to have some for myself, but since often the kids bear the brunt of their messes its best to start by looking at getting a few for them first.  Luckily I was sent a child's apron to review.  It is by shop owner and designer Jordan Dene.

The apron is adorable.  It was made to look like Charlie Brown's signature yellow shirt with the black zigzag.  I was sent a size Children's Small which has a height of about 42 inches and is about 18 inches in legnth.  Machine wash on cold and tumble dry low are the only washing restrictions which is very helpful when you are using it on some pretty messy kids.

Once I got over the adorable look of the apron it was time for testing.  I put the apron on my daughter and with the help from my mom muffins where made.  The apron was quickly discovered to have one pocket which my daughter thought was great and kept putting things and her hand in it.  You actually get to see the moment she discovered in the photo where she looks at the camera as I'm snapping the shot with a "what's this" look on her face.  I couldn't have planned that photo if I wanted.

She enjoyed it so much that she wouldn't let it come off until nap.  So, far it has passed the muffin test, the 2 year old at play test, and been put through the washer with no issues.  If you are looking for an adorable way to keep messes off your kids clothes or just something to add to their dress-up/play house pretend games than I definitely give this apron 4 apron a 4 out of 4 apron string approval rating!  Get one for yourself and leave your comments below on your opinion.  Use this code for 10% off JEDISC10or JEDIS10 you can only use one code at a time.  We also have a give away for a Child's Charlie Brown Apron you pick the size going on now!

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