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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dish Washer Detergant EcoStore Review

How many of you have kids and you get warned about every cleaning product there is that will touch, be licked by, or even near your little baby or child?  Have you stopped to think why no one says anything about the most important cleaning product that will be in constant contact with your child? The dish cleanser.  I run a daycare and regularly have an infant on my arm which means a lot of bottle/Sippy cleaning throughout the day.  The ingredients in my dish soap aren’t one I thought of until recently and since I was looking for a greener/healthier product for this purpose I thought of the ecoSTORE USA.  Lucky for me they sent me a product to test for this exact issue!

I received the cleanser and if you don’t know, I like to smell things.  I love the smell of this!  I have an orange tree in my backyard that is blossoming right now and this smell reminded me of that, heaven if you ask me!  So, my next thought was, well it smells good now can it clean or is this going to be a potpourri convert? 
I decided to just grill it right away with the morning load of bottles.  I had about 15 bottles/Sippy’s for my morning load with the remains of formula, breast milk, milk, and juice needing to be scrubbed out so they could go in my sterilizer.  (Yes, I am a germ-a-phobic of sorts).  It took off the crusties nicely and didn’t leave a film or dry out my hands more than Arizona’s heat already does.  One squirt lasted the whole load of bottles/Sippy’s which is impressive. 
Add the nice smell and I give this a 5 out of 5 safely clean bottles ready for milk!  If you want some of your own just go to their ecoSTORE USA online store and order some, but remember to put your opinion's in a comment below!

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