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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Circus Vargas Review

So, I went to Circus Vargas two Saturdays ago and unfortunately that weekend my entire family got sick with bronchitis which then led me to get tonsillitis.  Thus, the late review.  A circus is a moment in your childhood where the imagination comes to life.  It is full of possibility and wonder mixed in with a bit of the macabre fascinations our minds encounter as a child.  Often we see the excitement of things and miss the stuff our parents catch or see as flaws.  My review will touch on the things I saw as a parent and the enjoyment I saw as a parent in my child while attending Circus Vargas.

Let's start with cost, if you attend a circus anywhere bring cash and lots of it or bring a large bag with snacks, drinks, face-paint, and glow sticks.  Let's just be honest a bottle of water (small not the liter size) was $3.00 and I noticed it was the cheapest item on the list.  The cheapest blinking wand was $7.00 and the face-painting person was on break when I went by so I couldn't catch a price on that. For an additional $5.00 you could get a program that had an area for autographs to get after the show if you were so inclined.  I expected as much going to the circus, but still felt slightly shocked at the bottle water price.
Once, through the concessions we entered the big top where seating is based on price and divided into 3 sections.
Since we were their 30 minutes early we happened to catch the kids event where they kids come down to the center arena and learn some fun circus tricks.  

The show woman in their costumes handed out props while the ring master directed the kids on a variety of fun tricks from hula hooping, to juggling, to balancing objects.  My daughter is 2 and had a blast throwing the juggling props in the air, dancing with the feather, and well she was small for the hoop and just danced around during that part.  It was a blast and the kids no matter the ticket price were all included!

Now, time for the show.  I'll just say this outright, bring some sanitizing wipes or do like I did and squirt purell on the seats then wipe with a wet wipe.  The seats had left over stuff (resembled some form of a soda/cotton candy mixture) on them and weren't very clean.  Once, I cleaned them however we settled in for the show.

I allowed my daughter to stand since the seats where pretty high and this way she could dance around with the music.  She looked on with awe at most of the acts, but due to her age the audience participation acts left her board.  For older kids, however they seemed fun.

I did have concerns over how she would react to the clown, but she had no interest in the one clown dancing about and instead was focused on the ladies in glowing costumes spinning above the center ring.  A few acts needed polishing, but my daughter didn't notice at all.  She covered her mouth when the ring master balanced things on his chin, told me the motorcycles smelled yucky, and danced to the music of the acrobatic pirates.

So, while I noticed the humid and warm tent with dirty seats she saw excitement and wonder as the entertainers did their job.  We only had a few talks of leaving early when she got bored on the acts she didn't understand and for a just turned 2 year old that is pretty good.

All in all the circus is something everyone should experience 2 times in their life.  Once as a child where you only notice the glowing ladies hovering above the arena and the second time being with your child where you disinfect and notice all the flaws you didn't see before but are left with the greatest impression in your mind of your child's face glowing with awe!

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  1. Such fun. Avery looked like she had a great time.


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