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Friday, January 13, 2012

Pill Pain!!!!

I don't know about you, but I have to visit the pharmacy at least once a month if not more.  Between having three dogs, one of which has Valley Fever, two kids, one of which had RSV early in life so can get sick easier, a husband, who actually needs very little medically if anything at all, and I who run a daycare, has asthma, and has given birth twice in two years, we tend to need something at least once a month.  I'm sure many of you if not all of you share my prescription pain.  Well to add to it companies are starting to shift around, well the middle men who connect the care plans and pharmacies are shifting things around for better profits.  This leads me to my recent annoyance!  Let me start by asking you this, where do you go for your medications?

If your me you probably go to Walgreens because they are everywhere, the meds are cheap, and you can go on vacation and still pick up your pills by just letting them know ahead of time where you will be.  Convenient, easy,  and mine is next to Wendy's for those late night dinner needs.
Recently, I found out however that one of the middle men, Express Scripts, refused to re-negotiate their contract with Walgreens and so now thousands whose insurance goes through them are being forced to find somewhere else to get their meds including a lot of military men and woman whose insurance uses this middle man.  Now, Express Scripts isn't just a negotiator middle man, but they also sell 90 day med supplies online, same thing that Walgreens offers.  Just check out the press release for yourself here: Walgreens and Express Script Press Release from the Associated Press.
Annoying right!  So, now, I've worked in the Medical Field for about 10 plus years prior to deciding to run a blog and home daycare to be with my kids and I've seen the Billing side and I still don't understand why the insurance companies need these middle men?  It seems like it would be more financially responsible to just hire someone to do the contract negotiations with the pharmacies themselves.  In fact, many doctors are starting to just sign up with Walgreens themselves as a result.
Thankfully their is some customer service left in the world and Walgreens has recognized that these patients will be potentially facing a huge hardship and financial burden increase for these now having to switch pharmacies.  As a result they have come up with a replacement savings plan for them through Walgreens.  Check out Walgreens awesome solution: Walgreens Prescription Savings Club!  Best part for those with both human and fur babies is that for just $10 dollars a year you can get the discounted prescription prices for all members of your family, human and fur!!!!!!  I love saving money!!!
It has been a while since a company has done something to alleviate the stress of its long term customers who, due to negotiations with an outside source, suddenly find themselves needing to go elsewhere for service not by choice.  I have decided to support Walgreens by writing this blog and liking them on twitter, Walgreens on Twitter, and on Facebook, Walgreens on Facebook.  Join with me if you like having companies work for us, the consumer, instead of just letting us suffer for their business dealings.
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This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

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