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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Minty Mint Green Tea Review!

I am still trying to kick my coffee habit and place it with tea.  I start my mornings with a glass of milk and am ending my days with a cup of tea.  While I do cheat and sometimes have a cup of joe in the morning.  Fortunately for me I was sent some teas from Boston Tea Company to review.  The latest review is of their Minty Mint Green Tea!

First a little about Green Tea!
A green tea is made from a multi-step process.  It starts with being steamed, then pan-fired and rolled, finally dried.  The last step freezes the oxidation process.  All of these steps can create a varied of  flavors from grassy to sweet.  Use only filtered or bottled water for the best taste as minerals in tap water can alter the flavor of the tea.  It should be steeped in 6-8oz of water per tea bag for 1-3 minutes.  Be very careful to not over heat as the temp should only reach about 160 degrees.  Now, please note that 8oz of Green Tea has 20mg of caffeine in it so check to see if it will affect any health issues or medications you are taking.

Chinese Green Tea and Mint Flavor


I love green teas!  So, this may be a little biased if you're looking for a comparison to black vs green.  If you are looking for a green vs green then this is perfect.  I made sure to note their brewing recommendations to ensure the best review of the product sent to me.  The first thing I noticed was the smell.  There is a smell similar to if you were to take a mint leave and tear it in two then smell the leaf, just not as strong, more subtle.  Next, I looked at the color.  I took a spoonful and noticed more of a yellow appearance to the tea.  It had the slightest hint of a green color but was mainly yellow and if I hadn't been staring at it would have said it was completely yellow.

So, now the taste.  It was a peppermint mint flavor over a typical grassy green tea bouquet.  If you are settling in to read a book and slowly sip the tea you will find yourself pausing to think on the flavor you're getting before realizing it's the peppermint hint.  In comparison to other green teas it definitely had a less bitter or grass flavor to it and the mint helped to calm my stomach at the end of a long day.  In comparison to mint teas, it wasn't a full mint flavor, but definitely could be tasted.  I would say this is definitely a buy-able mint tea.  I have had some other blends of green and mint and usually one flavor is more potent than the other, but this tea was very balanced in the flavors of the green and mint.  Since testing this tea last week, have had 2 more cups, so it is obviously a repeat cupper for me!

Don't take my word for it!  Order some and review it for yourself!

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