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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Literally, the Kitchen Sink!

The fun just doesn't stop when you own a home.  So my latest annoyance is the kitchen faucet!  Really, the darn thing has the hot and cold water switched, it periodically doesn't work, and sometimes it just drizzles instead of flows.  Gotta love the repairs a home needs!  So off to hunt for faucets.  

I started my search by doing what most of us moms do anymore and hopped online.  I tried a variety of faucet entree's so that I could get the best results: kitchen faucets,  vessel sink faucets, vessel faucet, retractable faucet, and just plan faucet.  After a lot of searching I found what I was looking for and grudgingly placed the order.  The hubby wasted yet another evening under our sink, turning off the water, unhooking the piping, and re-installing the new faucet.  The past few months have just been full of repairs and work on the house.  Sometimes, it makes me think about the joys of renting at times, having someone else to make the repairs.  The issue with renting its having to rely on someone else to make the repairs, thus the past few months of a house stealing my husband to make repairs.  

So, here is my second issue with having to make all these repairs or massive cleaning exploits.  Looking for things we need often brings up a ton of things that complement or go with those must have items and now not only do I have dreams of hard wood floors, but I have daydreams of vessel sinks!  I guess that's why they call them dream homes, because once you're in your home you will dream of all the upgrades and decorative additives that you see when repairing it!


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