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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Blue Jean Cape!

I went through my clothes and noticed a lot of pants with holes in them.  I don't go shopping often and it seems that I tend to wear my clothes until they literally fall apart.  Now, I can either walk around like I belong in a trailer park with my goods hanging out or I can get creative and make something for the kids to play!  I decide to say good bye to the jeans and hello to the latest kids creation!

First I took the old pair of jeans and I cut them off at the thigh.

I split each side of the legs to make two long and large pieces of fabric.

I  sewed the legs together along one side to make one huge piece of fabric.

Next, use a child and a marker, wrap the leg around the child and mark with the marker where their shoulders hit.

Cut two large circles in this spot using the bottom of a drinking cup as a guide.

Have child try to slip it on to see if the wholes need to be bigger.

Next, sew up the seems so the fabric doesn't unravel.

To stitch the seams of  the arm wholes, cut about half an inch up and down, fold the fabric over and sew to clothes the seem and make sure no loose threads get tangled on little arms or fingers.

If you notice that one side is longer than the other, chances are one leg was cut off at a different length.  Fix this by cutting along the proper length of the bottom and then stitching it up by creating a seam.

Once its all sewed up, have the child try on again to ensure the size is right and let them imagine take it from here!!!

This can be a coat, cape, long vest, or whatever they want it to be and you get even more wear out of those old jeans without spending a dime on a new dress-up item for the kids!  I love it when one items offers two great solutions just by how it's created!

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