Thursday, January 5, 2012


(These are my WHAT eyes!)
Finally!  We made it a year without getting pregnant!  After being pregnant for virtually two years straight my body and husband needed a break.  While I want more kids, a little more space between them is what I hope for if we have any in the future.  That said, it is time for my first adult content posting!  It is time to think about jumpstarting the old relationship.  The babies are doing better at night and we finally have some people who we would trust to watch them for a few date nights!  Its crazy how much having kids can leave you looking at each other one day and thinking, “Who are you and why am I so tired?”  I personally think that when you have kids it is important to remember your relationship once and a while, not to mention what lead to those kids in the first place. Please all family members stop reading here and if you could maybe not check in the month of February that would be fabulous!

What better way to put some fire back in the hubby’s eyes, but a trip to the online adult shop.  I know what you are thinking, wow putting it out there aren’t you Abby, but get your minds away from that gutter.  I found an adult shop so I can get some things to make myself a little more alluring than my baggy jeans, no make-up, barely brushed hair’s current status allows.  The products are meant to create allure and help your skin feel touch me soft, it is an adult shop.  So, I hopped on link, took a swig of wine and put in adult shop. Thankfully I found one that offered what I was looking for in addition to all the other normal things an adult shop carry's. Per my usual, when I find a great online shopping site or product I like to share it for others to try or get those same great deals.  I found an all inclusive site that has a large variety of items plus is currently having a huge clearance sale (like you didn’t already know I’m a pocket miser). 

The site I found was  They have a great selection of things that aren’t just mind in the gutter related.  They have perfume so you can cover up that fresh poopy diaper smell.  They have make-up to help cover those bags under your eyes and help create a nice smokey eye look instead.  They have shaving cream to help get rid of those forgot to shave legs.  Plus they have lotions to help your dry from constantly cleaning/scrubbing/or too much diaper rubbing on the old carrying hip skin to get smooth and silky again.  Being alluring and putting fire back into your relationship doesn’t mean that you have to take a trip on the wild side, but if you want to they have that stuff (dare I say it, sex toys) too!  

Here is a clickable link to the site in case you are interested in stocking up for a year of surprises for your honey and adding some punch back in your love life.  If you enjoyed the more adult themed posting then you’ll love the upcoming Fiery February postings I’ll be having.  There will still be some normal kid content, but I’ll put in a lot more spicy relationship postings and some giveaways for you to make this February a Red Hot Month!    

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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