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Monday, December 26, 2011

That Christmas ham went where?!!!

This post brought to you by Slim-Fast. All opinions are 100% mine.
So, the holidays are done and we should probably start planning for the summer months and those dreaded swim suites.  I have found that all my baking and cooking has made my clothes uncomfortable, we'll just leave it at that.  So, now starts the search for ways to drop the weight.  I already do yoga and walk/jog with the dogs each morning.  I need to change my newly acquired monster, insanely delectable, overly calorie diet I now have acquired.

I recently received an email regarding the potential answer to my dietary needs!
The Slim-Fast 1-2-3 program!  I know, I know, we have all heard about  and maybe tried it once or twice, but if your like me that means taking their meals and shakes and adding a few of your own.  I vow this time not to make that mistake and think this may help me get my diet back on track.  So, now what is the Slim-Fast 1-2-3 program?
The Slim-Fast 1-2-3 program is simple.  It help condition your body and mind to eat more frequently and smaller portions.  You get  one 500 calorie balanced meal.  Add two shakes or meal bars to your day.  Finally, pencil in 3 snacks a day.  For your meal keep in mind that your aim is to divide your plate into 1/4.  2/4 of those sections have veggies in them.  1/4 will have a grain of your choice (no this isn't where you jam as much of a loaf of bread as you can into that section, try a rice instead). The last 1/4 will have your protein (great place for some nice Smoked Salmon).    The shakes and meal bars will replace the other two meals helping to re-shrink my bulging belly and can be found at any grocery store (the fruit and yogurt trail meal bar caught my eye).  The 3 snacks can be the Slim-Fast 100-calorie snacks or some veggies and fruits that are 100 calories.  Let me just say if you check out the Slim-Fast snacks, which are all chocolate goodness, you may want to grab those instead of the carrot sticks.
What will you be doing to get back on track this year?  Will you be taking the Slim-Fast 1-2-3 track?  Post here what you're weight loss plan is and where we can find it!  If you're trying the Slim-Fast 1-2-3 track like them on Facebook and post here about your progress!
Check out the shakes Slim-Fast has to offer too!
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