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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Birthday!

What does every mom want for her Birthday?  A day off! A day to sleep in, be the one to just play, no meals to cook, no diapers to change, and no/little responsibility.  Basically, a day to get hair done, maybe nails, maybe some leisurely shopping, that book read, or some scrap-booking finished.  So for that reason my husband will be taking over the blog for today. He will be posting and maybe publicizing.  Thanks to all my loyal readers and thank you to my husband for giving me a much needed break!  I think I'll start with that nap/sleeping in now! Good Luck to the Hubby!


  1. What a great gift, Eric, nice.

  2. Happy Birthday Abby! Enjoy your day off you deserve it! BOO HOO I WILL MISS YOU TODAY!

    LaDonna Dennis

  3. Have a great day off from Mommyhood!
    Happy Bday to you. And good luck to hubby! He can never replace you! :)


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