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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Slice Review

I'm a penny pincer and a crafter, so I'm always paranoid about using the scissors or other cutting devices around the kids while I'm trying to get stuff done during the day.  I was sent the safety cutter to review and it claims to be a great safety cutter, so it was right up my alley.  I opened the product and looked at the list of things it claimed to do.  First was the most important one to me, not cut fingers.  Am I really about to test this part of their claim?  Yes, yes, I am going to poke and slide this thing along my finger to make sure its really safe on skin.

It took me a few minutes to do this because I'm a wussy and have a fear of cutting myself.  You never know, maybe someone assumes this fear will keep people from testing this and they don't really mean it leaving you with a sliced finger if you do test it! I finally worked up the courage and started with a poke, uncomfortable yet no hole in my finger, so good so far.  Now, the slice!  I applied pressure and went across my finger, annoying, but no slice!  Thank you lord they were telling the truth.  Ok, so it won't cut my finger, but will it cut anything.

I mean its this thin green teardrop with a magnet inside it and along the straight end you find a very small chip protruding out, so maybe it's safe because it won't cut anything.  I looked at their pictures and it said it cuts plastic that covers items which is normally so frustrating to get through, paper, and such.  Using my logic skills I decided to start with some coupons only instead of doing like they did in the picture I put a magazine under the coupons.
Glad I did, this thing cut right through the coupon paper into the first page or two of the magazine.  I recommend putting a cutting board or something under any paper you cut with it or you'll end up with little slices in your counter where bacteria's love to hide and grow.  Next, because it's the season for presents I tried it on plastic.  It took more pressure from me, but did cut through that annoying stiff plastic.  I don't recommend doing this on your lap however, it can cut fabric if its pulled tight and their is enough pressure and tension involved.  (Dear Santa, please send a new pair of jeans size 6, thanks).  I also used it to cut some designs out of paper and found it would be amazing for those scrapbooking projects where you want find detail cut out of your paper, go slow when you do or you'll end up with cuts you didn't intend on your design.  It was so much easier though than trying to manuever scissors into position for intricut cuts!

So, It does all it states!  It even stayed on my fridge when I put it there!  It is a little ackward to manuever because of where the ceramic chip is located, but nothing that a little hand placement can't fix when holding.  If you do a lot of couponing, scrap-booking, and get a lot of items in that annoying plastic then add this to your fridge for easy access and use!  I really loved this product and am glad I get to share it with you.  I give it 4 out of 5 coupons, losing one for the ackward maneuvering!  I like it so much I'm including one in my current giveaway!  Its the perfect addition to the scrap-booking software I'm giving away!  Visit the giveaway's page for more details        on how to enter  or click on My Memories Digital Scrap-booking Software and Slice for Safe Cutting Giveaway!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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