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Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Gift of a Different Kind

Each year we all spend a moment remembering those we have lost.  Be it a friend, comrade in arms, or family member their is always a minute where we think of them and remember the times they were with us sharing in the joyous holiday.  Maybe their is a way we can still celebrate them this Christmas!

Gather your friends, family, and the community that knew your special lost loved one.  Ask yourselves how this special person changed something or what they loved.  Now ask yourself what their Impact Signs would be if they were still here and asked to make one?  Pull together and see about making a double donation if the place they make the largest impact is a public one.  Donate some funds plus a memorial plaques to be mounted for everyone to see for generations and years to come!  Give a past loved one the gift of notoriety and spend some time and money this year to make their love or cause your own!

Maybe the place they touched the most was a special garden they made or tree house they built and maintained that was used for generations.  Making a custom brass plaques is a great way to have future generations know who made their beloved tree house or give you a place where you can look and know a part of them will forever be shared.  Creating a special place to talk to, remember, and thank those special people who are no longer here for us to talk to is the best gift you can give yourself and your lost friends.

However you choose to celebrate them, please take a moment and create something special for someone you've lost.  Remember the ways they touched your life and let that motivate you to do and explore more in your own life.  This year add a new memory with them to the ones you have by celebrating them in a special way.  One of the best gifts you can give yourself is new memories of the people who helped shape and motivate you in life and just because they are gone, doesn't mean you can't still keep who they are alive in your actions and creations!

Happy Holiday Memories!  Comment below a special way you celebrate with those you've lost and thank you for sharing your memories with us!

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