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Thursday, December 15, 2011 - Where Santa Comes to Life!

Guess who is visiting my house!  Santa is!  That's right and this year I got a picture to prove it!  This is what the kids will have to see that Santa really came and found their names on the Nice list!  Not only are they getting the picture but I had this video made of Santa checking his list and putting presents under the tree!  If you want your own visit www.CatchACharacter.comthen use the code SAVE25 and save 25% off your order!  Feel free to share as you wish with all your friends so Santa can visit their house too!

As a special Thank You to my email subscribers I put names in a hat and had my husband draw them out!  I sent out 5 emails containing free codes for an picture of their own!  Emails went out tonight around 9pm Mountain Standard Time, so check your email if you subscribe for your free code!  Thank You email subscribers!  

Check out my video of Santa's visit that came with the photo!  Now the kids have a photo for the scrapbook and a video to watch! - Where Santa Comes to Life!

If you get your own character shot send it and I'll post it here or comment below!

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