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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Crazy Christmas Photo Ideas!

We all love a good holiday photo to frame and maybe even send as a card, but why not separate the two?  Why not have a nice photo for the frame and memory book and a separate one for the card?  Think of something unusual or funny to send to your friends and family and give the gift of a smile! 

Here are ten crazy photo ideas!

      1)   Bad Christmas Sweater!  Scrounge through your past holiday gifts or stop in at good will and find the worst holiday sweaters you can.  Have everyone put it on and make a silly face while you all wear your Santa hats and bad sweaters!  The kids will love the silly face they get to make and enjoy laughing at the crazy sweaters you all have.  It is a nice change from the usual family photo they pose for each year!
      2)  Santa’s everywhere!  Red sweats, black boots, some white felt around the waste and down the front of your shirt, add a black belt around the waist, a Santa hat on your head, some black mittens, and make a white beard from white felt.  Now, everyone pretend to be putting a present under the tree, looking at the ornaments, eating a Christmas cookie, or stuffing a stocking and send everyone a, which Santa is which, card!  If you can afford to just buy the Santa costumes in everyone’s size do that for a more authentic look!
      3)   PJ party!  Everyone grabs footie or long john pj’s, a teddy, and a blankie and snuggles up around the tree for a, “Wish you were here with us on Xmas morning” picture.  Messy hair can top off this just woke up family photo!  The kids will love not having to comb their hair or change out of their PJs!

      4)  Snow Ball Fight picture- Exactly as it sounds, gear up for outside, divide the family into two sides, position so everyone is in the picture and can be seen, everyone loads up one snow ball and on the count of the picture, 1,2,Throw!!!!  Let your family and friends enjoy the outdoor fun with you with this shot!
      5)  Snow Family-Have the family make a snow man for each member, dress them in your clothes (remember they wash and it’s just water) snap the shot!  Tell everyone it is so cold where you are you froze in line waiting for the stores to open! 

      6)   Elf Yourself- Pull out the Halloween witch stripy socks, grab some green sweats, add a thick belt in red (black, gold, or white work great too!), a green elf hat, and black shoes! If you really want to complete the look some fake skin from Halloween can be used to mold some elf ears and black construction paper cut down and rolled into cones that you attach to the ends of your shoes with rubber bands for those pointy elf shoes can be added.  Now, get into some elf mischief!  Maybe you’re climbing the counters looking for a tasty treat, or hunting in Santa’s bag, or just sitting on a park bench with some shades waiting for Christmas to come!  Send your friends and family the gifts of holiday helpers with this shot!

      7)  Unwrapping family- take large boxes and cut off the tops.  Now wrap them up, put on a solid colored shirt, maybe a Santa hat or bow for each head, and climb inside.  Your “hat” can be the only thing showing or your faces or maybe you’re all popping out of the boxes for this shot!  Let your family unwrap you in this year’s greeting!

      8)  Wearing wreaths!  Have each member of the family hold a wreath up to circle their face!  You can either crop each wreath for a framed face or use the family holding them up all together.  Whichever you’re choice this great shot adds a bit of tradition with a bit of silliness to your card!

      9)  Christmas tree alive: Get about 50 feet of plain garland and wrap it around a member of the family.  Keep wrapping so they are full at the bottom and have them put on a Santa hat for the topper, maybe add some cheap ornaments.  Remember when you’re wrapping to keep their face showing!  You can do this for one member and sit at their feet or individually for all for a grove of trees to send!  The kids will love getting to be a tree for a picture, seriously how often does that happen?  Remember not to wrap to tightly or to leave the tree on past the picture itself as it can make it hard to breath.

      10)  Stocking Stuffer Socks!  Find the craziest Christmas socks you can and have everyone put them on.  Then line the feet up biggest to smallest and take a foot only picture, take a picture of the bottoms of the feet, the feet all toes pointing to the middle creating a circle of crazy socks and then hang the socks on a window sill or fire place for a picture of that.  Put a collage together and send your family a silly sock photo as a reminder of how crazy Christmas has gotten!  We even put it on socks!

Be creative and original with your fun shot!  And remember your options end where your imagination does!


  1. This blog is an exact representation of skills. I appreciate the blogger for posting the most excellent thought.

  2. Your children look adorable in their little outfits. Thanks for sharing the photo ideas, great to connect via blogfrog. Amanda

    Amanda - Realityarts-Creativity
    Art Blog

  3. @Business Logo Designs-Thank you so much! It is a continuous work in process and I'm glad the work so far is paying off and appreciated!

    @Amanda-Thanks! I like to think the kids are adorable, but I'm biased being the mom and all. Did you use one of the ideas? I'd love a picture if you did or a link to a post with one in it!


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