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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rick Rolled!

So, my little baby boy aparently loves the old school music!  We were getting ready the other morning and my hubby had on a pandora station that played some oldies but goodies!  Now, who remembers Rick Astley?  Well his song came on and my son started bobbing his head to it!  He was just jamming out to it and then he just lost it when the song was over!  I put it up on youtube for you guys to watch my song bringing theRick Roll style back!  Here is the link:Baby gets Rick Roll


  1. Our grandson knows how to rock! I love this!!

  2. Too cute!! Please get that again when he's on his feet doing the diaper dance. Can't wait. Following you so I don't miss it. Found you on MBS.

  3. That's too funny! Thanks for friending me on MBS. Follow you on GFC, if you could follow back I'd really appreciate it =)

  4. @ sporadically yours LOL I'll try to get a diaper dance when he's able!
    @ Melinda I will follow you back, thanks for enjoying and commenting!


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