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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jealousy in the form of invitations?

Jealousy hits me sometimes when that elegant envelope sits in my mailbox, reminding me of someone’s upcoming nuptials and that I’m still (2 ½ years into my marriage) just starting to work on the ceremony ideas and reception.

Let me start over with the back story. My husband and I decided to get married in a court house. We loved each other, decided we wanted to start a family together. So, it was either wait, do all the planning for the wedding, or take advantage of a plummeting housing market and just get married, start the family, get a house at an amazing price, and do the wedding stuff later. We weren’t getting any younger and weddings will always be there, housing prices may not. So, we got married in the courthouse, got the house, had the first baby, then set about planning how I could stay at home. Surprise! We were blessed with package number 2 (didn’t find out till about 20 weeks), and now the finances are more stable (still working on making sure it stays that way with me at home with the kids), but finally able to start looking around, cutting out pictures, and playing wedding what if.

That brings me to the now, I have no idea what I’m doing wedding planning wise! So, when that little perfect envelop sits in my mailbox I think of how jealous I am that they are so far ahead in the planning, and how now I can’t use that invitation because someone else in the family/friend world did! Jealous, yes, jealous. So, the most recent invitation/announcement came and I was finally ready to take the plunge.

I called up the friend and said, “Please, take pity on a busy mom with no wedding planning skills and tell me where you found this lovely piece of paper?”, kidding that’s what I thought, what I said was,” I love this announcement where did you get it?" The bride to be was gracious in her thanks and made me promise not to tell where she found it. Why would a bride ask this, because the darn thing looked amazing and was amazingly cheap! That’s right, even a struggling work from home momma could budget this one! I’m not mentioning her name and since there are 3 weddings going on, well just let the friends try to figure out who spilled the beans if they all got them from here or those who didn't will try to figure out whose it is, so I’m revealing the deal for others like me to snag! She got it from!(Yes, this does ease my jealousy a bit, caddy and horrible, I know and I will refuse all Halloween candy for a week as punishment)

Seriously, I looked around and found cards for 1.64 per card on some sites, a card plan white but elegant is $ 44.90 for 100 here! Shut up, your thinking, I know right. Colorful cards are at 155.00 per hundred with a few designs over that. So, now I hate this bride to be more for being more frugal than me, which is hard to do (if you’ve noticed on my site, I don’t toss much without turning into a kid’s toy first)! Also, they have birth announcements, party announcements and other super cute cards for the mom’s on a budget like me! So, even “super moms” like me get jealous and beaten at their own gave of who can save more!

Sorry for the random rant, I may be going nutty adding wedding planning to my list of things to do! No, I don't have any thoughts to a date, so please don't ask! First, I'm working cutting things out of magazines and on finding where to get what I want, then I'll figure out dates!


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