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Monday, November 28, 2011

Ho-Ho-Holiday Cards

Be Merry and Bright Holiday Non-Photo CardsThe mailbox becomes a favorite place during this time of year.  We watch for things ordered, gifts sent, and the cards from friends, families, and oddly the dentist. (not sure why but I always seem to get a nice hallmark card from a doctor or dentist that I only see once a year) The holiday cards get displayed around the house in a variety of ways as reminders of loved ones who are unable to be close or who just want to share their love with us during the holidays.

Now for the dilemma!  I have to pick out a card to send!  Do I get a holiday photo cards with family photo's or one with multiple photo's of the kids and pups or just a beautiful scenery type card?  Maybe humor is the way to go or something with scripture in it.  It's just so hard to decide.  I know I put too much weight on this, but the card is a representation of us during the holidays and I want to make sure it gets a smile as a gift for our loved ones'!

I still haven't decided what to do for our cards this year.  Chance are I will end up with a beautiful scenery card, but I toss around doing a holiday photo cardsholiday photo cards.  How cute would it be to send the kids and pups smiling faces to our family.  The issue is getting them all to sit still for a good shot!  What are you sending this year?  Where did you get your cards at?


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