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Sunday, November 27, 2011


All that turkey and it's lethargic chemicals is enough to put us all in a coma for the winter.  No hibernation here though!  We just got back from a trip to Oregon to see some of my family and we are all exhausted.  We left early Thursday, dropped fur-babies off at our across town pet sitter(we do not trust just anyone with the babies and even with her I still worry about them because they are my fur-babies), then back across town to the airport.  Unload the car of our carry-on's, monster luggage and two babies and we are off.  Crowded flight later, on the last changes of clothes for the baby boy(he was having blow out diarrhea on the plane, let the awesomeness begin!) and the second to last for the baby girl (she had a blow out and a pee out, yeah thought that was odd too?).

Now, drive another few hours and arrive at Grandma and Grandpa's place(mom and dad to me).  A few extended family members, great-grands, and introduce everyone to the babies and the hubby whom they are meeting for the first time.  Another blow out for the baby boy(he had a flu shot and decided on the trip to get the flu).  He didn't get his first bites of turkey dinner because he was out of it and slept at dinner.  His sister was all about pushing limits and seeing who would buy her adorableness in exchange for allowing the gimmes!  Discipline enforcement tamed it a bit, but she was still working the cuteness grandchild factor the whole trip.  The food was delishes!  And aside from the baby illness and temper tantrums, seeing family and having them meet my new family was amazing!  The night was full of 4 baby boy blow outs, 3 wake ups with a minor vomit from the daughter, and a 4am wake up from the baby boy!  Both ended up sleeping in bed with us, mainly out of shear exhaustion from having to get up so much.  At 4am I took the baby boy out to play so the other two could try to catch some Z's.  Gotta love plane rides followed by lots of sugar, food, and a late night with a time change!

Day Two left us recovering from the flight, too much turkey, and excitement of the day.  The hubby got the extended version of the tour for the little city I went to high school in and I have to be honest I recognized little of the place I once lived.  Does time really change a place that much?  In size yes, in general people attitudes, tendencies, and beliefs? Not so much.  Still it only took about 20 min.  Then, we ventured to a store for a little shopping, daughter picked out a few X-mas gifts from the grands!  Back to the house for some rest and dinner.  The night had only 2 blow outs with another 5am wake up from the baby boy and only 2 juice calls from the daughter.

Day Three and we were at the coast.  Baby boy was feeling better! (Notice not one Blow out mentioned above in day two!)  Yeah, another car ride!  Kidding, I did get a little queasy but managed to not vomit!  We had a blast visiting the Oregon Aquarium.  My daughter did have some issues remembering her manners and not pitching a fit if we held her hand, but she got to see lot's of cool stuff and my husband got her to touch some stuff in the touch tanks!  She is obsessed with "poot" or poop right now and would say ewww he poot, poot if anything was brown or we were around the birds.  She also said that when the occasional fart sound was heard from the seal tank!  The aquarium explored and babies fussing from hunger we went across the parking lot to Rogue Ale's for lunch!  They gave a free beer taster and my hubby got to try his first Rogue Chocolate beer.  We had some great food and the kids got addicted to a seasoned potato crisp.  The hubby and I tried some fresh anchovies and I'll be honest it was actually good!  Very salty, but not what I had expected having flinched all these years at hearing someone say they were going to eat these things.  We decided we may pick some up from time to time now!  (Love a new discovery)  Also, I believe it was both of our first anchovy!  From there we went to the harbor bay front area of Newport and the kids got to see the seals laying on the floating docks.  Unfortunately the seals bark like our dogs and received a few lectures from my daughter on "No Bark, stop it, no bark you guys!"  She was very firm and on occasion would wag a finger at them to "be quiet!"  To end our day we went to Nye Beach.  I got to show my husband our family trips and the Oregon coast for the first time!  It was as he expected (cold water!).  My daughter's face lit up at the site of the beach!  She tried to drag some kelp around and did get caught with her dad by a small wave.  She kept asking her dad to clean off her new boots(some snow boots bought to get dirty) and then grabbed a handful of sand and wanted that cleaned off as well!  After running around on the beach for a little while we got back into the car and headed back to the house.  At the house we cleaned the kids, had some tri-tip for dinner.  Watched the Palmetto Bowl, GOOOOO COCKS! (that is gamecocks the mascot for University of South Carolina for those of you unfamiliar with BCS Football) To bed again!  Three blow outs again from my little man, his sister only had two juice calls!

Day Four is today!  We packed it all up!  Left a lot to be sent in boxes and drove the hours to the airport.  Unload the car and head to the plane!  Get on the plane to discover, no changing table on the plane(Fan-flipping-tastic!) Two blow outs on the plane, a very cranky/restless baby boy the whole trip and we finally get home!  Grab the fur babies who are now laying on the bed with us, I should say hogging, but I missed my furry kids! And here you have it.  Finally all unpacked and put away, laundry going, kids down, 250 emails replied to, and finally one blog posted on!  Leaving me as, one mommy dead tired!

Good night all!  I hope you're holiday was as crazy, fun filled, family memories making as mine was!  Post your favorite event from you're turkey weekend in the comment section!  I'd love to hear what everyone else did!



  1. Hi, I'm following you from the Kodak giveaway on GFC, FB, Twitter, G+ and NB.

    Question - where did you find your G+ button? I've been looking for one and can't seem to find one.

    Thanks, Tina "thebooklady"

  2. Do you have a page created yet? If not go to your google account to your google + page. Click on the little home and on the right column create your page. Once your page is created go to your pages profile for the page address you'll need to create your button. Next, copy the address for later. Under your page on the left it will say "Get Started" Click on this and under the header Connect your website their is a link to get your badge. Click Get badge and it should automatically put in your page ID for your badge. Pick the type of badge you want and follow the instructions to paste your badge to your blog! Ta-da! G+ badge! Let me know if you need any help! Thanks for following!


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