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Sunday, October 30, 2011


Lord of the Dance or Dancers Pose

Each week, 2-3 days, we do a 15 minute yoga work out in my home daycare. Kids from 1 1/2 to 4 do this and each does as much as they are able and in a way they are capable of giving them all get a nice stretch, a scheduled work out time, and some fun new body movements. We do the sun salutations and then add a few jumps, hops, new yoga pose, and teacher assisted summersaults at the end. In doing these poses always consult a doctor first, only attempt what is in your child’s ability level, and do what is comfortable for your and their body. These are only suggestions and like any exercise you and your children try them at your own risk.

I am not there to show you and see what your body is saying so I can only offer these on a very basic level. Make sure to wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in, have a yoga mat to work on, and do not wear socks because of the risk of slipping!  Lastly, always remember to smile and never go past what you’re capable of and don't push a kid to go past what they are capable.

Our new pose this week was Natarajasana! Lord of the Dance or Dancers Pose is perfect for the Halloween season now that we have made our tutu’s for our little yogi dancers! It’s a great pose for kids to do while listening to their favorite songs. Start by standing straight with feet shoulders’ width apart. Breathe in raising both arms up to touch the sky making you tall. Exhale hands to sides. If your child needs help a chair, you, or a table can work for them to balance with. Suggest to them that they see if they can touch their heel to their bottom with one foot! If they can giggle and have them put the foot down. Again, have them lift their foot to touch their bottom, but this time see if they can hold it with the same hand as the foot touching their bottom while the other hand holds onto the balancing object or is raised to the sky making them tall! Suggest to them they perform a balancing act slowly raising their foot with their hand leaning their chest forward stopping when their foot is level behind them with their head or they are as far as they can go! Comment on their ballerina like stance and see how long they can hold the pose! If they aren’t using a balancing object they can either extend the arm that was extended to the ceiling parallel to the floor or attempt to grab the foot if it raised high enough! Congratulate which ever level they are at! After a min, but no more than 5, have them slowly bring their foot back to their bottom. Releasing the foot from the hand they can do the slowest stomp in the world and place the foot softly back on the ground shoulder width apart. Then, wiggle it out! Have them do the other side and end your practice with a relaxing dance to celebrate this pose.

The Halloween spirit flies free as the autumn wind picks up bringing mischief and nipping at our faces like little dancers jumping from nose to nose! Celebrate this free spirit with tutu’s, fun music, and a dancer’s pose in your yoga flow! As I offer suggestions to you for your yoga flows, offer suggestions to your kids to explore ingest, enjoy the pauses we get in life, and always remember to breathe into your movement.




  1. great idea to incorporate some simple yoga moves into your daily routine with your kids. I actually run and in home daycare and I sometimes do some silly kids aerobics that they really love but some yoga might be great for end of the day relaxation time!

    Very nice to meet you I am a new follower via the Alexa blog hop;

  2. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

  3. Yoga and tutus! That is awesome.

  4. Why not increase their experience right? And if you don't have time to make your own tutu there are some great online stores that sell them! Thanks for the comment @Kristen!


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