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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monster Hands for Dinner!

Keeping up with our disgusting meal menu why not eat some Monster Hands?! This meal is a great way for the parents to get a good (maybe we made this before kids meal) in, made in a way kids will actually eat. An everyday meal can be made into something season specific and fun. I have found in cooking this way that kids often will eat whatever it is because it looks a specific way and is presented as something spooky even if it’s something they normally wouldn’t otherwise touch! Speaking of touching and using our hands let’s get started on making some Monster Hands to have for dinner.

You need:
6 pork chops
Your favorite instant stuffing meal
2 stalks celery
1 small onion
Goat cheese
1 apple (tart tastes better)
1 can broth
¼ cup dried cranberries

Thaw the pork chops and set your oven to 350. Slit the pork chops deeply leaving one side still closed. Spray a cooking dish. Set the pork chops in the dish and set aside.

Peel the apple (save small bits of peel for the finger nails you’ll need 30 bits for 6 pork chops). Chop thinly one apple. Chop thinly one onion. Cut 30 strips of celery, than chop thinly the celery. Chop the dried cranberries. Now that everything is chopped in a pan slightly fry the apple, celery, and onion. When you notice the slightest tint of browning take off the heat. Cook the stuffing in accordance to the box. Put all the ingredients in one pot, the stuffing, the apple, the celery, the onion, the dried cranberries and the broth mixing until all the broth is absorbed. Now, set aside to cool. Once cool to touch stir in the goat cheese. Stuff the pork chops well. Take toothpicks and arrange the apple peels and celery strips to form a hand outline on each stuffed pork chop. Place in the oven for 45 min and your hands are cooked!

Serve the meal playing some creepy monster songs, a crazy white wig, and a large white shirt that doubles as a pretend lab coat! Have fun with the meal and watch the kids eat new flavors without a fuss! Remember, don’t be afraid to explore your kids imagination this Halloween, the results may be very interesting (said elongated and with a Dracula accent)!


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  1. Ewwww... and also... YUM! :) You always have such creative ideas, Abby!


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