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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm a blogging nerd!

So, I'm not sure this is Kosher, but I'm very excited about being asked to be a moderator for the Mom's Blog Society! I naturally did a stupid little dance, which caused a chain reaction of little one's doing a variety of their own little dances. Then, as I erupted in excited giggles, they followed suit. I paused for a quick game of copy cat; until the little ones once again found me boring and dispersed to their land of make believe. I accepted and went on the Mom Blog Society site to see my blog listed under Moderators!

I basked in the glow of validation that in posting my thoughts into the internet ether I'm not just talking to no one and perhaps I have something more to share with other parents. I allowed myself to come back down from the little jolt of excitement for a round of diapers and lunch prep. Clean up, diaper checks and play delayed my exploration. Nap time comes and I sit down to notice that I now have an administrator box on my account. A momentary surge of potential power at that little box reflecting that of the one the white fairy underwent in Lord of the Rings and I find myself back to normal. Is this something that most would spaz out over, probably not, but for me it was a way of solidifying myself as a serious blogger and not just some mom trying to improve her writing skills while offering her low budget crafts to others, but speaking to no one.

Each time I receive an award, request to guest blog, get listed as a blog to visit, or now asked to be a moderator, I find joy that we can all improve ourselves and make a difference to others. Even if I'm mainly assisting others in spending less by making a diaper box into a space helmet! May not be saving the world, but it's sharing the joy I find in parenting which seems to be coming back to reflect on me in my blogging achievements!

To see my listed as a Moderator visit Mom Blog Society at:


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