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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oreo Cupcakes!!!!

Sometimes cupcakes sound just boring! Recently, for one of the daycare kids’ birthday we decided to have some fun with cupcakes! The kids got involved, a mess was made, and they unwittingly worked at sharing/measuring/hand-eye coordination/basically a ton of skills working out both sides of the developing brain. In the end, we had fun and some yummy tastiness!

You need:

One chocolate cake mix
Two packets of Oreo frosting

Cupcake papers
Cupcake pan
A knife
A bowl

Start by having the kids sit at a table. Each kid gets assigned a different ingredient from the cake box based on difficulty and skill. They all get to put their ingredient in and stir the mix. Some with splash some will drop some and some will try to stick a hand in the bowl. In these moments remember everything wipes up even kids! Show the kids how to level off a scoop or break an egg (maybe in another bowl depending on the skill of the child). Ask them what they notice about the mix after each ingredient, is it hard to stir, is it liquid, is it changing color, and write down what they say in your kids journal!

Once everything is mixed, have a kid put the cupcake papers in the cupcake pan. Maybe have the older kids help put the batter in the cupcake papers. Then, while you put the food in the oven talk about how this is a parent job and explain that the oven is hot along with the dangers of a hot anything. Follow the box for how long to cook the cupcakes. Allow the cupcakes to cool after baking. During this time have each kid help clean up, swiffer is awesome because it can be made kid size by simple taking off the top of the handle, wiping the table is a favorite, rinsing tools, putting them in the dishwasher, putting away ingredients, are all things that kids can do with guidance and help!

(The older kids can help with this next part while the younger ones nap.) After the cupcakes have cooled unwrap them from the papers. Cut each cupcake in the middle. Add some Oreo frosting to the one side of the split cupcake and put the other half of the cupcake on top. Viola! You have a Giant Oreo Cupcake!!!! Simple, easy, yet fun and a different flare to a cupcake!

Here is the best part! Everyone gets to eat their final product!!!! Again, kids will wipe off, but their smiles will be left behind. I would like to warn that as this is full of sugar, calories, and other bad for you things I'd rather not think about at this time it’s probably best for everyone to only have one (including us adults) or we will pay for it later! To close, a little bit of indulgence is a great recipe for a job well done. Like any recipe too much of any ingredient will ruin it, too little and it will be ruined as well, moderation and imagination are the key to the recipe of indulgence!


Now, for a warning and the second half of this blog: To those with dogs, I warn you now as apparently cupcake Oreo’s may cause horrible behavior in dogs including climbing onto the counter to retrieve them for themselves and doggy buddies while you sleep. I have made cupcakes before and never had a problem, but for some reason one of my dogs decided these were too good to resist and I caught him and one of his brothers chowing down! Knowing the dangers of chocolate to dogs I immediately woke the hubby and called the vet who directed us to poison control. I was informed to have the dogs vomit, don't feed until dinner, and watch for diarrhea which would warrant a trip to the vet. To make the dogs vomit I gave a 55lbs dog a teaspoon of peroxide, it works fast and efficient. Yeah Me! What a fun mess to clean up!
To make your life easier here is a link to order peroxide, amazing for so many things!
My dog in expelling the mess learned a hard lesson and is back to not attacking counters. My lesson is that no matter how much we prepare something can still happen. My second lesson is that no matter how trained or behaved a dog or kid is their will be moments and things in life that are too tempting and discipline is needed. Excuses can't be made, I should have put these on top of the cabinets which are higher than the fridge for true safety and I will remember that manners in dogs and kids always need to be reinforced and re-taught to ensure they are followed!

Also, if your dog ever eats anything your not sure of always call a vet or poison control! Do not ever give your dog peroxide without finding out how much is alright for their breed, weight, and general health. Lastly, learn from my lesson and know that no matter the training or size dogs are still dogs and can try to climb counters for something taste.

Live, love, and belly rubs to our fur-babies!


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