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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I love yoga! Found a great blog about it!

I love yoga! When I first got pregnant with my first child 2 years ago I was at about 175lbs down from the 200 I had gotten to a year previous. I had done this by hiking all the time, doing work out video's when it rained, walking on my lunch breaks, getting up early to train my asthmatic lungs how to deal with a run( also had to train the dog), and my husband was starting to do weight training with me. When you're not pregnant it's easy to do those things.

Then I got pregnant and had a rough pregnancy where I was sick all the time. I lost 20lbs early on and managed to almost put them on by the end of the pregnancy, but started doing yoga in the pool since I was on weight restrictions from being sick all the time. The pool time was 15-20 min a day for edema, so doing some stretching in the water allowed me to keep my body in shape for labor without risking the pregnancy plus helping with the edema(water retention/swelling). I had my daughter and didn't want to put on the weight again, but was recovering from giving birth.

Prompting from the husband and a ton of support was provided while I took on a 200 hour Yoga teacher training program. After finishing I found out I was 20 weeks pregnant with my second child and you could barely tell! I kepted doing yoga on my own maternaty style and managed to end the pregnancy with only a normal pregnancy weight gain.

I now do yoga with the kids each week and on occasion I post about kids yoga. What I don't say is that by doing yoga, playing with the kids and dogs, along with walking the dogs I have gotten myself down to 140 and still losing. I went from a size 14-16 to a size 6 all from the power of yoga. I'm a huge fan and recently saw another blog about some great yoga toning moves that I thought I'd share! Lily Boxer's blog offers a ton of workout idea's and tips, so I enjoy checking it out from time to time for idea's. Here is a link to her awesome yoga toning moves! Check it out! Lily Boxing: Toning Yoga Moves: "There isn't a woman in the world who doesn't want to multitask. Women’s Health columnist Amy Dixon created a workout that builds muscle, imp..."

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  1. A great post, really surprising to go from 200 to 140 with yoga alone. I have recently started taking an interest in yoga and liked your post very much. I would have liked to know more about the poses that can lose weight for you quickly. Perhaps in a future post...

  2. If you add in the dog walks each morning and running after kids, techniqually it wasn't yoga alone. I did however do yoga 4-5 days a week. I did a variety of yoga from Yin Yoga to Bikram Yoga. I also did pregnancy yoga and yoga in my pool when I was put on weight/activity restriction during my first pregnancy. To start I recommend doing a Sun Salutation and focus on each pose for 5 min. This will help you become aware of your body position, alignment, focus and still your mind(in my opinion hardest part), and get used to self adjustment when other poses become unaligned. From there introduce one new pose every few weeks until you have a routine that you enjoy. Doing it this way allows you to really feel how your body will react to each pose and so if you dislike a pose you can just switch it for a different one. Thanks for the comment and praise!


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