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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

There were many different things to do today for mother’s day! So many places in Phoenix were offering deals to celebrate! We decided to go ahead and take on the deal for free admission to mothers and grandmothers at the Children's Museum. It was, as I found, a workout and mental stressor for the mom's, but a total blast for the kids.

The Climber was fun except there are parts that a little toddler wants to go on, but require the parent to carry them on in a crawling position at an incline with child tucked under one arm up against your body as you moved from point A to point B. While my back was definitely sore, the look on my little girls face as she explored and got to different levels was worth it!

Next came the Noodle Forest (which I will say parents need to remind their children to watch out for smaller children and not to run in) that I went through with my daughter, who loved it! I worked hard to keep up with her and act as a literal bumper for those children not watching for others and running into everyone, will proudly say not one of the other kids knocked into my child and I have a bruise or two to show for that.

Next came the Grocery room where the smell boxes were odd and not interesting to my little girl, but the lentils to put in a scale were a big hit! She loved to pretend to get groceries and cook food and would run around to put things on different shelves.

The Fort room was great, but could have had a few smaller forts for the younger kids to explore as we spent most of our time playing with Lego’s instead.

Then we headed upstairs, the book area was nice to start to calm down out and since books are big in my house a familiar place for my little girl to explore. Unfortunately then we discovered the toddler area where shoes are not allowed (I later washed our feet a few times out of fungal fear). It was very neat with a baby area, play house area, tunnel with giant balls, steep walk up or stairs where at the top (if you stand just so)air blows up around them, plus some hanging fabric on a landing for them to play with (peek-a-boo seemed to be the game of choice). 

At this point we started to show signs of being over stimulated/tired/never-wanting-to-leave (hard to say which, but could have been all three)and the decision to pack it up and head for home was made. After all this we had a tired mom and two very tired kids who dozed off and on during the drive home and went down for naps once at home! I'm not sure we will go back again as it is a lot of work and can overwhelm kids with so much to do, but it was definitely worth the Mother's Day trip! I hope that for your Mother's day you were able to do something that brought a smile to your face as I was for mine! Happy Mother's Day!


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