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Monday, May 9, 2011

Dress-Up Vest!

Kids are not picky when it comes to their imagination.  They just need some materials to help it grow and develop.  A great way to do that is to recycle some of your husbands or your larges old pants and make them into dress up clothes!  

1) Start with an old pair of your wide leg pants or your husbands pants.
2) Cut them down to be dress up pants for the kids.
3) With the bottom part of the leg you can make a fun vest. (Remember, its dress up clothes so it doesn't have to look stylish since the kids just want something to put on so they can pretend its something different!)
4) Start by cutting the pant leg along the seem that would have gone down your leg.
5) Next use a child and a marker, wrap the leg around the child and mark with the marker where their shoulders hit.
6) Cut two large circles in this spot. Have child try to slip it on to see if the wholes need to be bigger.
7) Next sew up the seems so the fabric doesn't unravel.
8) For the arm wholes cut about half an inch up and down, fold the fabric over and sew to clothes the seem and make sure no loose threads get tangled on little arms or fingers.
9) Once all it sewed up, have the child try on again to ensure the size is right and let them imagine there hearts away!!!

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